Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Can't Sleep


Jam skrg pukul 4.45 am....

Mata tak boleh tido. Memang serius takleyh tidur..

And then decided to update something in blog yang dah bersawang, berhabuk dan lama tak update ni..

To many stories to be wrote. It happens just like a blink of eye.
Some bring happiness
Some bring smile
And some bringing sadness in my life


So for this post I really like to promote a recent book that I read nowadays

Reclaim Your Heart ~ Yasmin Mohaged.

It is a must buy book! Seriously.

I've been reading it nowadays, and it really teach more about how to make your heart sincere just to ALLAH s.w.t. Regarding our hope, expectations, troublesome, happiness, everything are being explained nicely in giving it just to ALLAH s.w.t

But honestly, to make ur heart sincere is not easy as A, B, C,
(For me)
But trying to. InshaALLAH

Pray for me please.

I need to be strong in this situation now. My hope are again being to high for something which are not permanent. And yet it become so painful to let it go.

My bad. =(


Org yang Tak Perfect dan Tak Baik Sgt,
Insya-Allah masih membaiki diri.. =)

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